Foaming Hand Sanitizer – 1 gallon size


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CleanGenic foaming hand sanitizer is available in bulk refills, in one-gallon jugs shipped individually, or as a four-pack case. This is the most economical way to purchase our premium, hospital-grade foaming hand sanitizer. This FDA- approved foaming hand sanitizer is a liquid when it’s in the bottle, so it’s easy to pour to refill the 8-ounce pump bottle. Our formula is easy to spread and dries quickly, and it offers excellent coverage for hands and wrists. Many people find our foaming hand sanitizer simple to incorporate into a personal hygiene routine with minimal interruption, because it dries quickly, with no noticeable residue.

What You Need to Know About Our Foaming Hand Sanitizer

  • 62 percent ethanol, adhering to CDC guidelines
  • FDA approved
  • Hospital grade
  • Dries on hands quickly
  • No harmful additives
  • Easy to use
  • Simple refills


Our foaming hand sanitizer follows CDC recommendations for active ingredient, with 62 percent ethanol as an antiseptic for excellent performance, and is safe for prolonged use. It is FDA approved, and because the pump bottle foam dispenser offers a precise measure of foaming hand sanitizer, surface contact is minimized. It’s easy to incorporate into a personal hygiene routine because it dries quickly, and because this hospital-grade hand sanitizer has no harmful additives, it leaves no noticeable residue on hands. It can be shipped directly to a home or business.

Refilling Our Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Because it’s a foaming hand sanitizer, it’s a liquid when it’s in the bottle. That means it is easy to pour, so it’s not a big messy process to refill the 8-ounce bottle from our gallon-size refills.

Keep your family safe with quick refills of hospital-grade foaming hand sanitizer.

A pump by the back door, one on the front hall table, and one on the kitchen island, we refill them all from our pantry stockpile, and we're all staying clean and healthy.
— Subscription Customer