Multi-Purpose Cleaner – 32 oz.


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CleanGenic Multi-Purpose Cleaner is ready to use on the toughest jobs, and makes nearly any cleaning job quicker and easier. That’s because it’s a low-foaming cleaner that is fast-acting and will remove dirt and oily smudges from virtually any hard surface without leaving streaks or film. Our multi-purpose cleaner is formulated to use on virtually anything that can get dirty or soiled, from painted surfaces, tile and shower stalls, to walls, floors, and cabinets, to ovens and stoves, even machinery and tools. Simply spray it on and wipe it off—no rinsing is needed. 

What You Need to Know About Our CleanGenic Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • Made for hard surfaces that need cleaning, including painted surfaces, shower stalls and tile, cabinets, floors, and walls, stovetops and ovens.
  • Tough enough for garage and shed projects including machinery and tools.
  • Won’t leave streaks or film.
  • Removes dirt, grime, and greasy smudges.


To clean hard surfaces soiled with dirt, grime, and greasy or oily residue, including stubborn stains. Excess debris should be removed with a putty knife or scraper prior to application. CleanGenic Multi-Purpose Cleaner makes the task easy and quick, simply spray on and wipe off. The fast-acting, low-foaming cleaner cleans the surface and won’t leave a film or streaks. Spray on surfaces and wipe off with a clean cloth. CleanGenic Multi-Purpose Cleaner will clean tile, shower stalls, stoves, ovens, painted surfaces, walls, floors, cabinets, machinery, and tools. Never spray into electrical circuits.

A Note About Sustainability: To reduce single-use plastic, CleanGenic cleaning products do not include a spray nozzle with each bottle. It's just one way we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic our business puts into the waste stream. If you don't already have a spray nozzle to use with our product, you can order one here.