Bathroom Cleaner & Descaler – 32 oz.


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CleanGenic Bathroom Cleaner & Descaler is ready to tackle the scale and rust stains caused by minerals in the water that stand in the way of a clean bathroom. Professionals save time by using the right tool for the job, and this formula brings the same efficiency to the home. CleanGenic Bathroom Cleaner & Descaler is a non-abrasive liquid with a floral scent that uses a thickened, acidic formula that clings to all surfaces, including vertical walls and tile. Simply apply to the area needing to be cleaned with a sprayer, cloth, or mop, and wait 3 to 5 minutes. The liquid sits, allowing its cleaning power to dissolve encrusted stains and discoloration. Then, agitate the area and rinse with cold water. With stains, scale, mineral deposits, and rust, even the most arduous scrubbing can’t solve the problem. That’s where a commercial-grade cleaner and descaler comes in.


What You Need to Know About CleanGenic Bathroom Cleaner & Descaler

  • Commercial-grade cleaner and descaler.
  • The thickened liquid clings to surfaces, using chemical power to remove discoloration and scale from minerals in the water.
  • The non-abrasive liquid has a floral scent, unlike many acid-based cleaners.
  • Stains, scale, mineral deposits, and rust come from mineral in the water supply and build up over time—the right cleaner saves valuable time and labor.
  • Wear rubber gloves when using this product.



CleanGenic Bathroom Cleaner & Descaler is a thickened liquid that is formulated to remove limescale, mineral deposits, and rust stains from tile. These encrustations and stains are particularly challenging, and even hard, prolonged scrubbing won’t work. Instead spray or apply CleanGenic Bathroom Cleaner & Descaler to the area, and wait 3 to 5 minutes, allowing it to work. Then give it a scrub and rinse with cold water. The user should wear rubber gloves when applying this product.

A Note About Sustainability: To reduce single-use plastic, CleanGenic cleaning products do not include a spray nozzle with each bottle. It's just one way we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic our business puts into the waste stream. If you don't already have a spray nozzle to use with our product, you can order one here.