Our Made-in-America, FDA-Approved Hand Sanitizer

CleanGenic foaming hand sanitizer is a smart choice for your family. According to CDC guidelines, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is proven effective to help reduce the chance of infection, alongside regular hand washing with soap and water. CleanGenic foaming hand sanitizer is made in America from carefully selected ingredients so you know it will be consistent and reliable. It’s approved by the FDA.

Hand Sanitizer Family photo
Hand sanitizer helps you take better care of your entire family.

Getting hand sanitizer delivered right to your front door, there’s no more hunting from store to store to restock your supply. Our foaming hand sanitizer is formulated with 62-percent ethanol to be effective every time, and works well in situations that call for repeated use throughout the day.

Select the Right CleanGenic Foaming Hand Sanitizer for Your Home

Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz. size

A whole lot of clean hands in one easy-to-use bottle. Our 8-ounce size foaming hand sanitizer pump is just the right size. Keep one handy by the door or on a kitchen counter. It’s noticeable enough to remind you to use it, but unobtrusive enough to stay out of the way.

Also available in 3-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack, and 24-pack sizes.




Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 4 pack 1 gal. size refill

The gallon jug of our foaming hand sanitizer makes it easy to refill each pump bottle, while providing peace of mind that you won’t run out.





Foaming Hand Sanitizer Subscription

Arrange for regular monthly delivery to be billed automatically and receive a ten-percent discount on pricing. Subscription customers also are protected against any future hand-sanitizer shortages, as their subscription orders will be filled first.


How to Choose Hand Sanitizer

When choosing a hand sanitizer to protect your family there are many factors in the equation. It’s important when deciding between products that we weigh these considerations carefully to determine the best hand sanitizer to fit our needs. At CleanGenic, we think about these decisions the same way you do, and we’ve come up with a list to help us prioritize what’s most important to us. 

  • Effective to use
  • FDA Approval
  • Safe to use
  • Convenience
  • Formulated with right proportion of active ingredient
  • Manufactured with good ingredients
  • Meets CDC recommendations
  • Made the right way
  • Cost
  • Made in America

Each factor will have a different weight for different people. The convenience factor of a subscription delivery service rates high for us, especially when foaming hand sanitizer seems to be running out at stores in the area. Those who read labels closely will want to know about the quality level and compare active ingredients. Still others will want to think about cost first and foremost, and make sure they are spending their money effectively.

Choose the Hand Sanitizer that Works Best for You

CleanGenic Foaming Hand Sanitizer meets the needs of busy families, by being effective at sanitizing hands and keeping you safe from the germs that can cause illness and infection.

Our foaming hand sanitizer has the right amount of the active ingredient for hand sanitizer, ethanol, with a 62 percent concentration. That means that it falls within the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended range of alcohol percentage for hand sanitizer. Because we know it’s important that our customers understand that we care about the safety and efficacy of our products, we also got our hand sanitizer approved by the Food and Drug Administration before we even introduced it for sale. To do that we sent a premarket approval (PMA) application and the results of our clinical testing.

Foaming hand sanitizer spreads the effective ingredient over the skin easily and quickly, and it delivers the proper amount of antiseptic, and dries fast. The convenience of an easy-to-use hand sanitizer should not be discounted, because it means the hand sanitizer will be used regularly, optimizing its effectiveness as a tool to protect your family.

Using Hand Sanitizer

Using the right amount of foaming hand sanitizer and letting it dry completely are two ways to maximize the effect of hand sanitizer.

The amount of active ingredient is something to consider carefully. In some cases, people suggest that if some is good, more is better. But for hand sanitizer, that is not necessarily the case. The effective range of alcohol in hand sanitizer is 60 to 95 percent alcohol. One of the common side effects of hand sanitizer use is eye irritation, which most often occurs when users touch their eyes before the sanitizer has dried completely.