Made in America

Where Are the Best Cleaning and Hygiene Products Made?

We don’t know about the other brands out there, but CleanGenic is focused on the well-being of its customers. After all, we hold ourselves to a higher quality standard for our cleaning products and foaming hand sanitizer. Everything we sell is made in USA. The Made in America label is important to a great many people in the U.S. and around the world, because it stands for quality. Knowing that the hand sanitizer you are using regularly is up to the standards used throughout the United States provides peace of mind. Understanding that our cleaning products are made to commercial-grade standards is important: The people who use these cleaning chemical formulations commercially use them far more often, and for longer duration than most consumers use home cleaning products. That means they are safe to use, and actually serve to reduce the user's exposure to chemicals due their increased effectiveness. 

Where is Hand Sanitizer Made
When customers buy our hand sanitizer that is made in America, it supports America’s jobs and towns just like yours.

Avoid Methanol or Wood Alcohol in Hand Sanitizers

In America, many people know to look for hand sanitizer that uses ethyl alcohol as its active ingredient antiseptic. Some may recall that some imported hand sanitizers were discovered last year to use methanol, otherwise known as wood alcohol, which is toxic to humans when absorbed through the skin. It’s critical to note that some of these hand sanitizers were labeled to say they included ethyl alcohol, which is what hand sanitizers made in America use as the antiseptic ingredient. That’s why we trust products that are manufactured in the U.S., which meet a higher standard for quality. And because the source of the components that go into U.S. products are carefully monitored, quality is assured, while pre-shipping inspections mean every product is up to the standard.

Products made in the USA are delivered to their destination by Americans.

Benefits of American-Made Products

  • American manufacturing standards are among the highest in the world.
  • Manufacturing standards are regulated by government agencies to ensure the health and safety of American workers.
  • By buying products made in America, customers support and strengthen our nation’s economy, and increase American employment.
  • Sourcing of components is kept to high standards, raising the bar for suppliers while protecting the consumer from substandard products.
  • The effectiveness of CleanGenic's commercial-grade, American-made cleaning products means they save labor and time.
  • American-made products are transported domestically, so they don’t have to travel as far to be delivered to the front step.