About Us

Making Cleaning Products and Hand Sanitizer the Right Way

CleanGenic is a company that arose from the opportunity to do the right thing. We saw our families and friends trying to protect themselves from illness, only to watch as the tools they needed became hard to find. At times, the act of going to a store had become a big deal, forget about driving all over town to buy personal and household cleaning supplies.

With the right cleaning products, folks can enjoy more family time.

In the Beginning, There Was Hand Sanitizer

Early on, we provided a solution that would allow us to help make people's lives as normal as possible while staying safe. The answer was obvious: Our health was in our own hands. We needed to go through the world without bringing germs home, particularly if we were caring for elderly relatives or family members in high-risk groups. Possible solutions included:

  • Making an effort to touch as few surfaces as possible
  • Wearing gloves
  • Being careful to wash our hands regularly
  • Using hand sanitizer when hand washing wasn’t available when we needed it.

We changed our habits around touching surfaces (and touching our faces!), and have been pretty good about trying to live by all the steps outlined above. And that’s when we noticed that our hand sanitizer use went way up.

A clean home is a happy, healthy home.

That’s because hand sanitizer is the glue that holds together all of the other practices. It’s a quick fix after touching a lot of surfaces, such as grocery shopping or running other errands.

We wanted our products to be readily available to anyone who needed them. And that’s why the subscription idea made sense: Hygiene and cleaning products show up on the front door step, reliably and like clockwork. We don’t worry about running out anymore, and we can think about other things.

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Next Comes Effective Cleaning Products

Concurrently, we developed a line of commercial-grade cleaning products that have changed the way our customers clean their homes. These products are formulated and made in the USA. The quality, consistency, and effectiveness of these products make our customers come back time and again.

Because each of these products follows the specifications for products designed for the commercial market, they work fast. They're effective at cleaning and descaling bathroom fixtures and tile, removing spots from carpet, putting a shine on glass without spots or streaks, and giving stainless steel a smudge-free once over quickly and easily. There's even one that will clean nearly any surface in your home and may even will find its way out to the garage workbench.

Cleaning products that save time and effort are good to have around.

American-Made Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Products

To everyone at CleanGenic, Made in America is a label stands for quality. Knowing the source of our cleaning products and hand sanitizer seems to be more important than ever, because it's important that they do the job they were designed to do, every time. The reliability of American manufacturing is indicative of our high standards, quality sourcing, and consistent results.

Buying American helps our country prosper.

Because American manufacturing standards are among the highest in the world, and manufacturing is regulated by law to ensure the health and safety of American workers. Sourcing of components is kept to high standards as well, so we only use the best suppliers, and give consumers options that are better for them than substandard products. Since American-made products are transported domestically, less distance shipping means less impact on the environment. By buying products made in America, customers strengthen our nation’s economy, and help reduce American unemployment.

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