About Our Company

CleanGenic was founded to provide solutions for modern times. People need products that work, and that are readily available. Our line of cleaning and hygiene products are formulated to deliver performance consistently and reliably. 

We take care of our customers as though they were part of our family.

Made in America

How do we ensure our products are up to CleanGenic standards? Well for starters, our quality control program is second to none. We manufacture everything we sell ourselves. Made in the USA is more than just a label to us, it's a way of life. We take it seriously, and our customers understand and respect us for it. Formulating chemical cleaners and hand sanitizer is important work, because your family (and ours) need to know that the right ingredients are in the bottle. CleanGenic makes all of our chemical formulations to our exacting standards. It allows us to ensure they work as we want them to, and also that our customers will not have to deal with substandard or incorrectly blended cleaning products or hand sanitizer. By upholding our standards we ensure our products are safe to use and effective.

Quality that the Pros Expect

When CleanGenic started out, our team first considered what was important to our customers—to do that we studied what they needed, and how those needs could best be met. We discovered in this process that our list of important factors for customers matched up with what’s most important to us. Quality is a key factor, as is safety for the user. Consistency and reliability also are crucial attributes. We figured out that we need to provide products that meet the performance standards that professional cleaners expect.

CleanGenic Glass Cleaner with Ammonia makes a clear difference.

Commercial-grade formulas give our products an edge over other brands tailored to consumers. Every product we make could deliver the cleaning power that professional cleaning crews need to deliver a finished job, in the allotted time. The formulations are designed to maximize the cleaning power of the ingredients, so they work with the user, rather than making the work harder. 

CleanGenic Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish delivers the best results, in less time.

What does that mean to you? Cleaning your home will be quicker, easier, and more effective than ever before. That's more of your time freed up to do what you like to do, and less time spent cleaning. Spend time with family, catch up with some friends, or just relax in your fresh, clean home.

You will find that our products, including our Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, Tub & Tile Cleaner, and Carpet Stain Remover, work better than anything you've ever tried before. It may mean you've found the quality level you've always wanted, or that you've just been spending too much time scrubbing and cleaning. Either way, we know you'll notice a difference when you use our products—and gain a renewed understanding of what made in the USA means.

Come home to CleanGenic's full line of home cleaning products, made in America.